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Who We Are?

Cairo Padel is an Egyptian sports brand aiming to establish an ecosystem for Padel players in Egypt. The company owns two Padel courts in Park Mall, New Cairo, and operates Mountain View Hyde Park’s Padel court. We strive to expand and introduce new sports to the Egyptian market. Cairo Padel brought Pickle Bash to Cairo, a Pickleball sports brand.

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Giving Back To Our Community

Cairo Padel aims to raise awareness about the world’s fastest growing sport in Egypt, making it a common game that is accessible to all.

To do so, Cairo padel will be establishing a padel academy serving all age groups to help them reach their potential and compete on an international level. Our Padel academy will be responsible for creating sports events and competitions, engaging with the wider public and spreading the word about Padel Tennis.


To enhance the Padel Tennis game experience in the region fostering a lifelong and diverse sports community of professional players and enthusiasts who could compete in world championships.

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cairo padel export patterns9.png


To develop a welcoming environment for Padel Tennis players to train and work on their skill sets through a variety of programs and services offered with distinction and excellence.

Meet The Team


Mohamed Abu Shukka


Shukka is our founder. He handles our partnerships, sponsorships, sales and external affairs. He is the coolest negotiator out there!

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